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Baby Shower Makeup Tutorial

This is a great way to apply your makeup not only for a baby shower, but for work, a dinner, or even a date. It’s not so overbearing yet it screams look at me lol because of the natural glows we added, lots of lashes, and pouty lips. Thanks for watching and stay tuned to …

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Diaper Cake for a Baby Girl

This is a pink and green 4 tier diaper cake for a baby shower. The top tier (1st layer) has 8 diapers size 2. Each tightly wrapped into a roll and fastened with a rubber band…then one is placed in the middle and the 7 that are left are placed around it to form a …

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Mayra’s Souvenirs Baby Shower

Souvenirs Baby Shower de porcelana fria. how to make cold porcelain. Related Sites